Молодой иркутян вернул забытые в тележке супермаркета 90 тысяч рублей

Вчера, 28 февраля, житель Иркутска вышел из супермаркета, переложил покупки в машину, а сумку с деньгами и документами оставил в тележке

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The Downsides (and Upsides?) of Aggressive Masculinity

Michael Ian Black: 1. Aggression can certainly be a beneficial trait. The flip side of this in your examples are the often debilitating symptoms soldiers, police officers, and firefighters exhibit as a result of their jobs. So many of these men are reluctant to seek help for the simple reason that, for so many men, needing help is the same as being weak, anathema for men.

2. I agree with you that a shooter’s motive cannot be reduced to something as simple as “being a man,” nor did I mean to imply so. My larger point is that we need to examine why only men commit these crimes. What is going on with our boys and young men that allows them to walk into a public space and open fire, but not girls and young women? My piece is an attempt to start talking about that question.

3. My interest in writing this piece was not “bring the country together; it was an attempt to reduce gun violence and try to broaden the conversation from guns to other possible contributing factors, including the preponderance of boys committing these crimes.

Bobotheclown: To have a loving father figure requires that he be secure, which requires that he has a job. In today’s world there are millions of people with no hope of ever being employed again. The real problem is that work itself is broken and the means by which men have always defined themselves is disappearing. A man without work is not a man at all, in the internal calculus of American masculinity. A man who no longer has a positive self-image cannot possibly raise a boy to have one. The problem is not just that our boys are broken but that our men are broken as well.

MIB: I wholeheartedly agree about the problem of men in the culture but wanted to begin the conversation with boys and young men because I view this problem as multigenerational, and it seems to me that we need to start with the youth. We also need to decouple a man’s self-worth from his earning power, a power often out of his control. A man is more than his occupation.

JediProf: We could start by refusing to gender certain behavior or personality traits. If someone is aggressive, just call it aggressive, not masculine. If someone is nurturing, just call it nurturing, not feminine. We need to abandon classifying the world according to masculine and feminine categories, which are inventions of society.

MIB: Yes, the entire language around issues of masculinity (and, perhaps, femininity) needs to change. How do we do this? How does one start to build a new way to speak and think about a subject so ingrained? I don’t know.

Mr. Florentino: I cried as I read this. My son — a high school and college wrestler who achieved much success on the mat — is one of the most sensitive souls I know. But far too often, I cheered his masculinity, his fierceness, and his muscles. I should have been cheering his kindness, his empathy, and his innate ability to be gentle. Those emotional qualities are what REALLY make him strong.

MIB: I am very interested in a fuller expression of male strength. Physical strength is great (I wish I had more of it, because I would like, for once in my life, to look good shirtless on a beach). But a man’s strength can be expressed in innumerable ways, including the strength to be vulnerable, the strength to ask for help, to seek forgiveness, to display empathy. By all means, root for your son, but root for his entire being. It sounds like you’re doing that.

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В порту Антверпена задержали 4,5 тонны кокаина

Шестерых человек арестовали сотрудники правоохранительных органов в голландском Оссе, их подозревают в причастности к транспортировке 4,5 тонны наркотиков, которые были обнаружены в порту Антверпена

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Murdered Slovak Reporter Sought to Expose Italian Organized Crime

The reporter discovered that Ms. Troskova had previously been a business partner of Mr. Vadala’s, according to the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project. Mr. Kuciak’s published article did not suggest that she had any knowledge of or involvement with the ‘Ndrangheta.

Ms. Troskova and Mr. Jasan, who headed the government’s crisis management office, resigned from their positions on Wednesday. They said in a statement that they were “shaken” by the killings, “just like the rest of Slovak public.”

“Connecting our names to this atrocious act by some politicians or media is absolutely unacceptable,” they added. “We categorically refuse any connection to this tragedy. But since our names are used in political fight against the prime minister Robert Fico, we decided to leave our posts at the government office until the end of this investigation.”

The culture minister, Marek Madaric, a member of the prime minister’s center-left party, also resigned, citing the murders.

“Of all the government, the Ministry of Culture is the most associated with the media,” Mr. Madaric said at a news conference. “As a Minister of Culture I can’t get over a journalist being murdered.”

“Information about a possible breach of any organized group among the politicians, to the level of state institutions, is serious,” he said. “It’s in the interest of us all, of the state, to investigate them as soon as possible — also to avoid making something into a case when it’s not.”

The bodies of Mr. Kuciak and his fiancée, Martina Kusnirova, both 27, were found on Sunday, three days after they were shot to death in what enforcement officials described as an intentional and expert attack. In announcing the killings on Monday, officials said it appeared that Mr. Kuciak had been targeted because of his work.

He was the second European journalist in recent months to be murdered while investigating possible corruption. In Malta in October, a car bomb killed Daphne Caruana Galizia, who had accused people close to the prime minister of corruption. Both she and Mr. Kuciak had worked on the Panama Papers, the trove of documents disclosed in 2016 by a consortium of journalists that showed how wealthy people around the world were hiding their riches.

The murders prompted a host of denunciations from European officials, including Mr. Fico, who said that violence and intimidation against journalists undermined civil society.

Mr. Fico announced a reward of one million euros for information leading to solving the crime. In an apparent reference to questions about Ms. Troskova, he told reporters, “Do not link innocent people, without any evidence, to a double homicide.”

Though not as well known as its Sicilian counterpart, the Mafia, the ‘Ndrangheta “is among the richest and most powerful organized crime groups at a global level,” Europol, the European police agency, wrote in a 2013 report.

The group has invested its profits in legitimate businesses in many countries, and in places “has been able to achieve a position of quasi-monopoly in selected sectors, such as construction, real estate and transport,” the report said.

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Детская онкология – не приговор: какое будущее ждет детей, победивших рак

«МК в Омске» выяснил, насколько успешно с детской онкологией борются омские специалисты

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In Peace Overture, Afghan President Offers Passports to Taliban

The Taliban has yet to respond to Mr. Ghani’s proposal. But in a statement on Monday, they said they had asked American officials to talk directly to their political office, and not through the Afghan government. The statement also said that “military strategies which have repeatedly been tested in Afghanistan over the past 17 years will only intensify and prolong the war.”

Under President Trump, the American strategy for ending the war has entailed expanding a campaign of airstrikes and putting pressure on Pakistan to force the Taliban to negotiate with the Afghan government.

American commanders have claimed progress, but only in measures that are classified. A Pentagon study made public this month showed that the Afghan government controlled 18 percent of the country’s districts at the end of last year and had influence over an additional 38 percent.

While the insurgents dominate only a sliver of the country, they still hold substantial sway. The Taliban collect taxes from businesses and run a shadow judicial system for settling disputes, preferred by some Afghans over the corrupt government courts.

In one measure of the Taliban’s reach, cellphone companies comply with the group’s request to halt service around 5 p.m. in parts of the country, including in Kunduz, a major city, lest the insurgents blow up transmission towers. The blackouts demonstrate influence, and the Taliban say they also serve a practical purpose of preventing government informants from calling in tips about their nighttime movements.

Around dusk on Tuesday, insurgents attacked a checkpoint in Kandahar, in southern Afghanistan, killing five police officers, and later stopped a bus and captured 19 passengers as hostages, according to a police spokesman.

The peace talks known as the Kabul Process began last year and are intended to demonstrate unity in the international community for negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban. The United Nations also backs this approach.

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Наталья Жданова будет присутствовать на оглашении послания президента Федеральному Собранию

Губернатор Забайкальского края Наталья Жданова, а также председатель регионального Законодательного Собрания Игорь Лиханов, 1 марта будут присутствовать на церемонии оглашения послания президента РФ Федеральному Собранию

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Кому в Бурятии жить хорошо: Бурятстат оценил уровень доходов в разных сферах деятельности

Дифференциация уровней заработной платы по видам экономической деятельности в Бурятии остается значительной, сообщает Бурятстат

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Жириновский в случае избрания президентом пообещал «самую жесткую диктатуру»

По словам кандидата в президенты РФ Владимира Жириновского, если он займет пост президента, то изменит ситуацию в стране силовыми методами

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A Real Life ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’

“My parents were fighting over custody of me and my sister, yet our rights were the only ones not being protected by the court system,” said Judge Friederwitzer. Judge Friederwitzer, who wanted to live with her father, testified along with her 8-year-old sister, Nicole.

“We were on our own — there was no one there really standing next to us making sure we were OK,” Judge Friederwitzer said, adding that her experience motivated her to go to law school and pursue family law.

“It fueled the desire to protect children from going through what I had to go through,” she said. “I always knew I wanted to protect children from being put in that situation.”

Her parents, Elliott and Sharon Friederwitzer, separated in 1978 and followed a legal agreement, which gave main custody to Mrs. Friederwitzer and stipulated that both parents would continue to raise the girls as Orthodox Jews.

But a year later, Mr. Friederwitzer made a successful legal motion for primary custody, claiming that the children’s mother, who had moved to Manhattan, had begun letting a non-Orthodox man sleep over and going out socially at night, leaving the girls alone.

At a time when courts typically awarded mothers custody, a state Supreme Court judge on Long Island ruled that the father was a more fit custodian. The mother challenged the ruling to the Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court, which upheld the decision, ruling that the mother put her own interests over the best interests of her children.

“I can quote it,” Judge Friederwitzer said, reciting the decision’s wording that custody agreements could be altered “when the totality of circumstances” is “in the best interests of the child.”

“That’s what made this case so different — it changed the way things usually went,” she said. “It wasn’t just a knee-jerk reaction where the mother gets custody.”

The case — something of a real life “Kramer vs. Kramer,” the 1979 film that involved a painful courtroom custody battle and was emblematic of the surge in divorces at the time — seemed to follow young Lisa through her life, from the many classmates in school who knew about it, to her law school professors, to legal professionals over the years who recognized her last name.

After graduating from Queens College, and then Touro Law Center on Long Island, she began working at age 24 in Queens Family Court as a court-appointed law guardian, often on behalf of children.

In 1998, Judge Friederwitzer began working for the state court system in Queens Family Court, first as a court attorney assisting a judge, and then conducting hearings in child support and paternity cases.

“Even starting out, they would say, ‘She’s from that famous case,’” she said. “I went into a field where my name is well known. It’s not like my name is Smith.”

It rang a bell with Judge Jeremy S. Weinstein of State Supreme Court in Queens. Judge Weinstein, an administrative judge, hired her in 2012 to serve as a court attorney referee handling matrimonial cases.

Judge Weinstein said her name “struck a bell” when interviewing her, and that after hiring her, “Someone said to me, ‘She’s a Friederwitzer from the Friederwitzer versus Friederwitzer case, and she told me about her experiences with it.”

“It’s one thing to have an excellent grasp of the law,’’ he added, “but to live the experience and put yourself in the shoes of the people involved in the cases, I felt the outcomes of her decisions in cases would be more just and fairer, and they were.’’

The judicial screening process included an interview with Mayor Bill de Blasio. Judge Friederwitzer mentioned the case as an impetus for seeking the bench, which she said prompted a discussion about the lack of legal representation for children during that time.

Judge Friederwitzer, an Orthodox Jew who lives in Queens with her husband and their two children, said she has seen improvements in protections for children involved in court cases. Lawyers are now routinely assigned to them in court, and testimony guidelines help provide a safer, more comfortable environment, she said.

Standing amid unpacked boxes in her new chambers in Bronx Family Court, just east of Yankee Stadium, she pointed out a new gavel on her desk that was a gift from her mother.

“It has driven every professional thing I’ve done — it’s just what keeps me going under it all,” Judge Friederwitzer said of her childhood testimony and the case involving her parents. “I’m very fortunate that something very good came out of an unfortunate situation.”

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